Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A writer's rambling thoughts

A couple of years ago my daughter kept bugging me about a vampire that sparkles. I don't normally pay attention when she is on one of her rants and the sparkling vampire was certainly one of those times. Though I'm not a big movie goer, I agreed to take her to see this sparkling vamp and bless her heart she opened a whole new world for me.
Prior to that evening I never read fiction. In fact I was reading "The pope's ceiling" at the time of the outing. If it wasn't a fact based historical book I didn't read it.  After the outing I came home and grabbed the book and started reading. I read the entire series in a week, then proceeded to read nearly a novel every couple of days.

About a year into my reading adventure I went through a phase where I read one bad book after another and asked my self "How hard can this be."
I sat down plotted out a story, gave my Characters some history and began to write.....Know what I discovered?
It's extremely hard to write a novel. It took me a year, often times throwing the book down for long periods of time. Can't tell you how many times I threw my hands up in frustration screaming, "I CAN"T DO THIS!"

It was only the love of my characters and the need to find out how the story ended that kept bringing me back time and time again until it was finished. I didn't let anyone read it, I simply sent it off to a few publishers for giggles to see what they thought.

First publisher - Thank you for your submission we liked some of the story but not all of it but keep trying.
This actually made me do a little happy dance. It was so positive after I had been expecting "Don't quit your day job. You suck"
2nd publisher - We would like to offer you a contract.

Needless to say I am still doing the happy dance. My feet haven't touched the ground since I got the email. Good thing I can still reach the keys from this height because the journey is just beginning. I was lucky enough to find someone who so the potential in my story and was able to look past the type o's and run on sentences

I have so much to learn but I'm looking forward to the journey. If you have a desire, a dream, throw caution into the wind and jump in with both feet. You never know where you will land.

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