Friday, October 8, 2010

Love Technology

Thanksgiving in Canada this weekend. I was dreading it because I have so much I needed to get done and hated the thought of sitting in a car for over 8 hours to get there. My sweet husband hands me a sprint wireless card, along with my laptop and says. "Just like being home."
 I love technology. I am able to write this blog while sitting as a passenger, while my husband drives. I can also work on my book, check email and get updates from facebook and Goodreads.

I am very appreciative that I'm able to do this, but I still have a couples of requests for the technology gods.

1. Can you equip the XM Radio with only soothing, nature sounds and classical music. The 80's hair band channel that my husband is currently cranking through the bose system is starting to give me a headache.
2. Can you come up with some kind of system that I can switch my teenage children on and off. I promise not to overuse it. Only while I'm writing and any time a teenage boy comes near my teenage daughters.
3. Is there a way you can make my envoy not register every bump and dip in the road. An while were on the subject of the envoy can we equip electronic shutters. Black out shutters that blocks the sun from reflecting directly on my computer screen.
4. And dear technology Gods I would be most ever grateful....please...please....Give me an easy button that makes the thoughts in my head flow easily to the computer in a clear and precise manner. Oh and in such a way that it becomes the New York times best seller.

Thank you

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