Monday, December 20, 2010


A critique partner read my Half Hearts novel after it had already been submitted and contracted by Liquid Silver Books. It was raw and unedited and still she looked past the typo's and run on sentences and finished it. What surprised me was when she asked. "What about Rae and Cade?"  Huh? They are two insignificant characters. I don't mean that they aren't important, they are. But only in getting a look into the lives of the main characters.
Cade is the foreman and all around nice guy. He's quiet, polite and doesn't really say to much. 

Rae on the other hand is wild and crazy and speaks her mind. She's the kind of friend that shows up when a friend is down and brings the perfect cheer up gift.

Rae hoisted up the large pink and brown striped bag she carried. “I got manicure and pedicure supplies, fat ass snacks that are so decadent they’ll wipe out any depressing thought you’ve ever had.” She winked with a slight smile. “And if that don’t work, I got us enough fuzzy navel fixings to have us singing old show tunes and wiggling our asses until the Fourth of July.”

Anyway...I kind of pushed the question aside about them and went to work on my edits. You can imagine my surprise when my editor asked...

 Have you thought of doing Cade & Rae's story? *g* I'm a nagger, so don't be surprised if I nag ya LOL

I had to laugh...what else could I do....then the muse started peeking her head up to see what was going on and as soon as she got a whiff of the conversation she was off and running and haven't given me a moment's peace since.
Guess in the New Year I'm going to have to give her free rein and see what she comes up with for Rae and Cade.

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