Thursday, January 27, 2011

They have an opinion? REALLY?

It's funny how all your ideas, your planning and your writing suddenly seem to fall into place and begin to flow out on to paper. (Or the computer screen as it may be.) I'm new to this so I have no idea if I'm weird or what but for me the first 10-15k is a struggle. I kind of know what my story is about but in the beginning my characters don't always cooperate. You know your in trouble when one of them yells at you "You're a fricken idiot if you think I"m going to do that." Now I can choose two different paths.

Force my characters into submission

This option doesn't seem to work to well. They think they have a right to their opinion. Really? Because I created you. Your opinions are mine. Unfortunately I don't win this argument very often. When I try to force my will upon them I end up sitting at the computer and watching the cursor blink. I've been known to be a little stubborn. Okay I've been called the most stubborn... We will leave the rest of that sentence unfinished thank you very much.  On to my next option.
So as I was saying I have a hard time getting through the first 10-15k Once I get there the words just seem to flow. I had an epiphany the other day. I finally reached the hump mark and lept over it and before I knew it I was past 20k...cruising right into 30k and if I could just type faster I'd be at 50k easily by now. My epiphany was....

When I let them hog tie me into submission and write it their way everyone wins :) My next novel is now nearing completion. Hmm and I'm kinda liking the restraints. Just saying.


Lily Graison said...

My characters always win the fight! Regardless of how hard I push...they always get their way.

Sherri Desbois said...

I know you think I would finally learn to just give in to them from the first day...sigh...I'm a little stubborn but I'm learning :)