Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sneak Peak at WIP

After much ado about Rae and Cade from my critique partner, editor, mom and reviewers I finally noticed the elephant in the room. I had been shocked that people wanted to know their story. They had been secondary characters that I hadn't really thought that much about. Yes I like them, I created them. What I meant was I didn't really think in terms of them being interesting enough to have their own story. My line of thinking was that they made Charlie, Kegan and Trevor's story more interesting. It took me some time but I have finally outlined the story for them (Okay I have half the novel done shhhh) and even come up with a name. Harnessed Hearts.

Rae being the outspoken, live in the moment "Bad" girl, she has no desire to let anyone tame her. Cade, the brooding, quiet cowboy has seen what can happen when someone tries to cage someone who doesn't want to be tamed. It can end in heartbreak, misery and an emptiness that lingers throughout life. Cade wants Rae and will do whatever he needs to do in order to own her heart. Everything except control her. A raging hurricane can't be tamed or subdued, but it's power can be Harnessed

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