Friday, March 25, 2011

The Essence of Competition sneak peak

Thought I would share a little more of my newest work. I have it submitted and keeping my fingers crossed that it gets accepted. I had so much fun writing this novel. It's fun, sexy and without all the anguish and broken characters that Half Hearts had. Not to say there aren't some emotional moments but for the most part it was a great chance to let some of my raunchy humor have a field day :)  This is unedited so I apologize for my mistakes up front.

“Challenges make you discover things about yourself that you never really knew. They're what make the instrument stretch-what make you go beyond the norm.”
Author Unknown

The Essence of Competition

Making her way toward the back of the club, hips swaying to the beat of the pounding techno music, she caught sight of Sedesa at a small table near the back. She waved and headed towards her. Ignored the wolf whistles, gropes and invites of nights of pleasure and took the seat across from her best friend. “Jesus. The dogs are out in full force tonight.”
“Woof Woof. You know what they say about the big dogs don’t you?”
“Do you see me sitting on a porch?”
 “Oh I wasn’t referring to that quote.” Sedesa took a sip of her drink, a sly smile on her lips. “I was referring to the one about unleashing the beast and Honey that outfit has unleashed a whole club full of beasts.”
“This old thing,” Symone drawled in her best Violet Bick impersonation. “Why, I only wear it when I don't care how I look.”
Sedesa rolled her eyes. She waited until the waitress came and took their drink orders before continuing. “Honestly, you look amazing tonight. I feel sorry for any chick that sets her sights on the same man you do. Except me of course, you see that blond guy at the end of the bar? He is off limits to you and your sights.”
Symone turned and looked in the direction Sedesa was pointing. Leaning against the end of the bar was a tall, blond haired, mountain of a man. He was dressed in tight leather pants and pale blue shirt. He was gorgeous and he dressed like he knew it. Though handsome, the way he moved, the cockiness in his stance did nothing to peak Symone’s interest. You have nothing to worry about. So not my type. Her eyes were drawn to the dark haired man standing next to Sedesa’s interest. Oh now that is just my type.
Smiling and nodding at whatever the blond man was saying was exactly Symone’s type. He was tall, his dark hair just long enough that it curled up against the collar of his pale dress shirt. The hint of a dark shadow was prominent on his strong chin and jaw. He wasn’t overly muscular but the way he filled out his tight dress slacks, and stretched the seams of his shirt; it was obvious he was built to Symone’s exact specifications. He was all lean muscle, rather than bulk. He had the kind of body that was tone, tight and made for endurance. A tingle raced down her spine as she took in the glorious sight of such perfect man flesh. Warmth spread out across each nerve ending, merging as a sweet ache between her thighs. An ache that intensified as his gaze settled on hers, a slight smile curling the edge of his full lips as he winked. She couldn’t look away, so enraptured by the sensual current that pulled her toward him.
A slap to her arm snapped her attention back to Sedesa. “Ow! What the hell was that for?” she asked as she rubbed at the sting in her arm.
“I told you to keep your sights off.”
“You don’t have to worry about me going for Mr. Cocky. I was checking out Mr. Tall Dark and Delicious.”
“Oops my bad,” not sounding the least bit sorry. Sedesa turned to study the men. When she turned back to Symone she had a dreamy look in her eyes. “Yeah he’s Delish all right. But you know me. I keep hoping to find a big dumb blond that will sweep me off my feet and doesn’t mind that I prefer smut over literature.”
“Or that you can’t cook, don’t clean and your monthly shoe allowance is more than most people’s mortgage.”
Sedesa waved a hand flippantly. “You say that like it’s a bad thing.”
She was interrupted from telling Sedesa her opinion when a drink was set down in front of each of them, “Compliments of the gentleman at the bar.”
Symone looked up praying it was the dark haired hottie but the waitress was pointing in the opposite direction. Pouting to herself she picked up the drink intending to play uninterested, but gracious recipient. When Symone raised her glass in thanks her breath caught. Sitting with his back toward the bar was another oh-so-my-type god. He was the light to the dark haired man she’d noticed just moments before. His wheat blond hair was thick, just touching the tops of his wide shoulders. The shape of his face was pure masculine strength beneath golden skin. Strong square jaw, cleft chin just begged to be kissed, licked and explored. His wide shoulders tapered down from a broad chest to a lean waist. Symone’s heart skipped a beat when he raised his glass back. A shy, sensual smile bloomed across his face, showing perfect white teeth.
“Oh my fucking gods are you not perfection,” she mumbled to herself as she raised the glass and gave a slight nod of her head.
Her six months of self imposed celibacy was making it’s self painfully known. Symone tried not to squirm in her seat, but the throbbing ache radiating up from between her legs was making it nearly impossible to keep still. She was literally vibrating with arousal. She forced her gaze away before she made a complete fool of herself. If she stared any longer her panting tongue would roll out of her mouth and a drooling puddle of goo was so not an attractive first impression.
“Compliments of the gentleman at the other end of the bar,” the waitress drawled with barely controlled disgust, as she set a second drink down on the table.
“Excuse me?”
The waitress pointed toward the bar again. This time she pointed in the direction from where the dark haired man stood. “You’re quite the popular girl aren’t you?” The waitress set two drinks in front of Sedesa and whirled on her heels and was gone in a streak of bleach blonde hair and attitude.
Symone ignored the giggling coming from Sedesa’s direction and once again looked toward the opposite end of the bar. She met his gaze, his dark brow creased into a deep frown. Oops.  She picked up the newest glass and raised it in his direction. She gave a small, embarrassed shrug at being caught ogling the blond man and mouthed “thank you,” she turned away as her cheeks heated. To Sedesa she said. “Don’t even say it.”
Sedesa laughed and arranged the drinks that had been set in front of her. “At least their polite and didn’t leave me out. Bat your lashes at a few more dogs and we’ll be knee walking without spending a dime.”
“Shut up. It’s not funny.” Symone complained.
“You’re right. It’s fucking hilarious and I for one am enjoying the shit out of your discomfort.” Sedesa snorted.


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Can't wait to read ESSENCE OF COMPETITION! I LOVED your book HALF HEARTS! This one sounds like it is going to be DELICIOUSLY STEAMY AND HOT!!