Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Kiss My Blarney Stone - St Patty day blog hop!!

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The Morning after St. Patty

Patty groaned as the vibration of her cell phone caused the throb in her head to scream worse than a ride on the tilt-o-whirl. That ride had not only scrambled her brain, but left her with a nice shade of green in her cheeks.
“For Shamrock sakes!” She cursed. “Who in the hell would be calling me at this time of the morning?” The irritating buzz continued.
Reaching out from under the covers he grabbed for her phone blindly and pulled it back under the covers. She flipped it open, “If you’re calling for anything more than a kiss or a cuddle you’ve called the wrong place,” she snapped.
“Patty? Is that you?” Knickers asked worriedly. “You sound as if you’ve got a mouth full of silk scarfs. Have you been playing bondage games again?”
Figures it would be Knickers. Nikki, her best friend since elementary had been called Knickers ever since she got her knickers caught in the monkey bars. Jesus she still chuckled every time she thought about that day. Johnny Dublin pointing and screaming, “Hey look everyone Nikki lost her Knickers.” To this day Knickers always knew just how to make people scream. Like calling me early, knowing good damn well I’d have a headache.
“What the hell do you want Knickers? Couldn’t you have waited till at least after noon?” she whined.
“Oh my poor love. Ride the whiskey a little hard last night did we? Besides it’s two o’clock time for your friendly Knickers wake up call.”
Patty sat up straight in bed. “Two o’clock! That must have been some wicked whiskey. I don’t even remember the ride home.”
Knickers chuckled, the sound going straight to her head like a fingernail on a chalk board. “What do you remember?” she teased.
“I remember that green cup of mine you kept pouring whiskey into, even after I told you to stop. I remember turning a little green after the second box of Pot of Gold Chocolates I consumed,” she said irritably. “And I remember that kiss ass Johnny Dublin asking to see my pot of gold. You know the first time he asked to see my pot of gold I actually laughed. By the third time he asked to see the pot of gold I was ready to rip his tongue out of his smiling face.”
“Oh god that was funny,” Knickers snickered. “The smile on Johnny Dublin’s face was funny until his jaw fell down into his leather boots when you said, Say it again and I’ll rip off your pot of gold and pin it to the fucking Blarney stone, now that was priceless.”
“I’d love to see that again. Wonder if anyone got it on video,” patty asked rubbing absently at her earlobe. Why the hell was her earlobe wet? She wiped at a glob of something cold and slimy. Looking down at her fingers, what the hell is that, she thought. And if it’s what I think it is, why is it green?
“Oh I’m sure it’s on video,” Knickers said confidently. “Lenny used some books to prop up his video camera on the fireplace so he’d get the whole room in the shot.”
Patty brought her finger to her nose and sniffed the green goo. A smile bloomed across her face. I was right it’s pudding!  Someone must have added green food coloring to it. She stuck her tongue out and licked a small amount from her finger. Yup green vanilla pudding yum!
“Did you hear me,” Knickers yelled into the phone.
“Opps sorry love, got sidetracked. What were you saying?”
“I was saying I’m not so sure you’re going to wanna see that video. Do you remember what you and Johnny Dublin did after the fourth cup of whiskey you had?”
Uh oh. I was standing right in the center of the room directly in front of the fireplace. Center stage so to speak. “Oh shamrock’s Knickers what did I do? I don’t remember anything happening between me and Mr. Dublin except a kiss.”
“Oh you two shared more then a kiss. I saw a little tongue action going on.”
“Stop teasing me Knickers and just tell me,” Patty groaned.
“How’s your nipple feeling this morning, well afternoon?”
“My nipple,” she asked perplexed. She looked down her body and pulled her green t-shirt up. “What the hell?”
“You must have discovered the silk scarf,” Knickers laughed. 
“Why do I have a green silk scarf wrapped around my chest?”
“Oh Johnny thought your nipples were too much of a distraction so he bound them. What’s even funnier is you yanked up your shirt in front of everyone and let him do it. You were a hit my love,” Knickers praised.
“Oh kiss my ass. I didn’t do that.”
“Uh huh and that’s not all you did either.”
“Great,” Patty groaned. “Just tell me so I can hide under my covers and wallow in shame while I cuddle my teddy bear.”
“Look under the covers,” Knickers encouraged
Hesitantly she lifted the covers. OH MY GOD! “Um Knickers,” she whispered.
“Yes love?”
“What happened to my pot of gold and why is it green?”
“Johnny Dublin wanted to kiss the Blarney Stone on St. Patty.”
"Holy shit!"
"It's okay," Knickers said in amusement. "It matches the shamrock tattoo on your ass. Though I'm not sure after last night we can call you a saint any more."

Happy St. Patty’s Day everyone!!!
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Darla M Sands said...

Fun! I like the nickname.

cheralyn said...

Great story. I like how you worked in those words. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

BlackwaterMama said...

Cute!!! I loved the story!! Happy St. Patrick's Day everybody!

Virginia said...

Cute story, Happy St. Patrick's Day

Tara W said...

What a night! LOL. Thanks for the story!

StacieDM said...

Too funny! Love the nickname.

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Sherri Desbois said...

When I wrote this I think I might have had too much green ummmm tea yeah that it! LOL
Happy Patty Day

Debbie Cairo said...

fun story, thanks. Happy St. Patty's day!

booklover0226 said...

I enjoyed reading the story; it was great.

Thanks for the blog tour.

Tracey D
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Nancy G said...

Thank you for the laughter-I needed that!!!

Jean P said...

That was a fun story and really great how you incorporated all the words. Happy St. Patrick's Day.

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jessica said...

fun story. I liked the nickname. I also liked the green colored pudding.

Pam S said...

Fun story Sherri,great word play!

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Juana said...

Thanks for the cute and funny story.

joder said...

A great time to go crazy, a super fun story. Thanks for the holiday blurb!

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ReneeRearden said...

That was hilarious! Great way to use humor with the word list.


Jolene Allcock and Family said...

lol, oh knickers :) Cute and funny, loved it


Miranda Grissom said...

So funny!! I have to say I looooved Half Hearts :)

Sherri Desbois said...

Thanks to everyone who have stopped by and commented. I am happy to say I did not wake up this morning with a shamrock on my butt... :)

@Miranda. I'm soooo glad you enjoyed Half Hearts ~hugs~

Deb830 said...

Yesterday got away from me so I'm playing catch up. Hope you had a great St. Paddy Day!

loved that his name was knickers and loved the story. Sherri, I'm glad you didn't wake up with a shamrock on your butt ;0)

Sherry said...

Thanks for cute and funny story,

Judy said...

Wow!! That was too cute. I really enjoyed this!! Thanks!!


char10 said...

cute story and the pug with the hat and beers was adorable

Savanna Kougar said...

Hmmmm... a green shamrock on her bum... at least, she'll have a one heck of a St. Paddy's day tale to tell.

DL Thomas said...

Oh my...I a sure glad that I never partied like that. That was a fun read.

Hope everyone had a fun St. Patty's Day!

Beth said...

Cute story. And I love the picture of the dog.

Rae M. said...

Gotta say pure genius, making the nickname Knickers! And that was a doozie of a night! Thanks for the story.

Andrea said...

Funny story!

Maureen said...

Too funny! Thanks!

Sherri Desbois said...

Thanks to everyone who stopped by the blog hop I had a great time writing this story as well as reading the other great blogs and stories. Good luck in the drawing!!

Anonymous said...
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