Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Meet Zandros

 Small snippet from my newest work in progress - The Essence of Competition

Sedesa rolled her eyes. She waited until the waitress came and took their drink orders before continuing. “Honestly, you look amazing tonight. I feel sorry for any chick that sets her sights on the same man you do. Except me of course, you see that blond guy at the end of the bar? He is off limits to you and your sights.”
Symone turned and looked in the direction Sedesa was pointing. Leaning against the end of the bar was a tall, blond haired, mountain of a man. He was dressed in tight leather pants and pale blue shirt. He was gorgeous and he dressed like he knew it. Though handsome, the way he moved, the cockiness in his stance did nothing to peak her interest. You have nothing to worry about. So not my type. Her eyes were drawn to the dark haired man standing next to Sedesa’s interest. Oh now that is just my type.
Smiling and nodding at whatever the blond man was saying was exactly Symone’s type. He was tall, his dark hair just long enough that it curled up against the collar of his pale dress shirt. The hint of a dark shadow was prominent on his strong chin and jaw. He wasn’t overly muscular but the way he filled out his tight dress slacks, and stretched the seams of his shirt; it was obvious he was built to Symone’s exact specifications. He was all lean muscle, rather than bulk. He had the kind of body that was tone, tight and made for endurance. She felt a tingle race down her spine as she took in the glorious sight of such perfect man flesh. Warmth spread out across each nerve ending, merging as a sweet ache between her thighs. An ache that intensified as his gaze settled on hers, a slight smile curling the edge of his full lips as he winked. She couldn’t look away, so enraptured by the sensual current that pulled her toward him.


Chele Blades said...

now i want more....WIP does that mean no approx release date yet?

Sherri Desbois said...

Hi Chele....WIP = Work in Progress. I'm sending it to the publisher this week so keep your fingers crossed for me that they accept it :)