Friday, May 20, 2011

I have been so BAD!!

Yes it's my fault I haven't updated my blog in forever and I apologize for that. I mean I even missed Tantalizing Testosterone Thursday.....I always have time for hot guy!!  But sadly I even missed that this week :(  (I promise to add a few hotties to the end of this post!)

So a couple of new things going on here. 1st Essence of Competition was picked up by Liquid Silver Books and I'm still dancing for Joy that Symone, Zandros and Marco's story will be published. It's much shorter than Half Hearts but there isn't really any angst or heartbreak in this one. No dark figures from the past or sexual traumas to overcome. Symone just want mindless, blissful sex with no strings attached and the boys are competing to give her plenty of sex at least :)

Also this week I filled out the questionnaire for the cover and  I got an email back that April Martinez, the same artist that did Half Hearts will be doing the cover for Essence of Competition. She is so amazingly talented. I accepted the first draft she did for HH because she nailed the characters perfectly. I can't wait to see what she comes up with for this one. I gave her free rein to create anything she wanted!!

And finally more exciting news this week. I submitted Essence of Competition into a contest before I even submitted it to my publisher. I had to send the first 10 pages of the manuscript. Well I've been informed that it's a finalist in the Evie Erotic Romance Awards so I have more reason to be dancing for joy and popping a few corks!!

Hope everyone is having an amazing week and if the world doesn't end tomorrow I promise to give you a preview of Harnessed Hearts. Rae and Cade's story is done!!! Now I just have to go back and do self edits so hopefully I'll have good news about that book in the near future!!!

Oh and as promised your Eye Candy!!!

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