Friday, September 30, 2011

17 days and counting!

17 days until the release of EOC, I'm so stoked!!!  here is a little tempting snippet :)

Marco looked up from the card and met his eyes. “Any chance I can talk you out of your half of the card?”
“What do you think?” Zandros asked incredulously.
“Didn’t think so,” Marco shrugged and slipped his half of the card in his back pocket “It was worth a shot though. Breakfast at the Nugget?”
“You buying?”
“You gonna give me your half if I do?” Marco smirked.
“Nope.” Zandros slipped his half of the card in the front pocket of his jeans and headed for the front door.
“Then buy your own fucking breakfast,” he heard Marco mutter as he fell in step behind him.
The Nugget was the spot everyone headed to when they’d had one too many drinks at Menjo’s. It was within walking distance and they served strong coffee and the best pancakes in town. It was exactly what he needed to absorb some of the rye sloshing around in his gut.
Hopefully, while there, he could use his charm to relieve Polo of his half of the card. If all else failed, he could always beat the shit out of the guy in the parking lot on his way out.
After pancakes of course.

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