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Count down to Essence of Competition

Today instead of celebrating the release of Essence of Competition I'm starting the count down. ~sigh~  Things happen that no one can predict so I've gots to be patient right?  (Not one of my stronger points)  But how about I post an excerpt for EOC to kick off the count down. Hope you enjoy!!

Soon to be released - a new Molten erotic romance book

Essense of Competition

by: Sherri Desbois

ISBN: 978-1-59578-875-7

“Challenges make you discover things about yourself that you never really knew. They're what make the instrument stretch-what make you go beyond the norm.”
Author Unknown

After one to many relationships end in heartache, the new and improved Symone Adams is loud, proud and on the prowl. She has removed the heart she normally wears on her sleeve and tucked it safely behind lock and key. What she wants now is to explore the appeal of meaningless, mind blowing sex. After six months of self imposed celibate hell she heads to Menjo's and right into the path of two very determined players.

Zandros and Marco are pros when it comes to seduction, yet each has grown bored with the conquests. When these two strangers set their sites on the same stunning beauty, the competition is on. Both men embark on a full balls-to-the-wall effort to win not only Symone's body, but her heart.


Dog may be a man’s best friend, but a cute salesman standing behind the counter in the shoe department at Massey’s was Symone’s. At least for today. Add in an additional twenty percent off coupon to her final bill solidified him as her favorite new BFF.
A new happily colored top revived her and the irresistible strappy heels in red were too hard to pass. It was as if through shopping, she found a new focus and it lifted her mood. When real life sucked, or was too hard to figure out, retail therapy was the best way to solve it.
Ha! Let’s see a dog do all that!
With their mountain of purchases from a very productive morning at the Waterview Mall, Symone followed her best friend, Sedesa, to her little Dodge Neon. After dropping off their packages, they headed to an outdoor café within walking distance.
“I have to admit you were right,” Symone acknowledged as she sat at a small bistro table across from Sedesa. “I feel much better. My credit card hates you, but I thank you.”
“How long have you known me? You should know by now that I’m always right,” Sedesa responded without looking up from her menu.
“Figures you’d keep your head down when you said that. No way could you have done it with a straight face, otherwise.”
“Shut up,” her friend teased playfully with a flip of her hand. “I’m going to have the Berry Delicious Summer Salad, what about you?”
“Cheeseburger and fries,” Symone said without picking up the menu.
“Have I ever told you how much I hate your metabolism?”
“No you don’t, you envy it. Besides, I’ll eat something light for dinner. I’m starving.”
“Skipped the late dinner and went right to dessert, did ya?” Sedesa waggled her brows suggestively.
“No! Travis got tied up in a meeting last night so I skipped dinner in favor of a bag of natural popcorn, mineral water and old Three’s Company reruns.”
Travis, as a new financial advisor with MET Life, couldn’t turn down clients. He was still working to build a solid client base and over the last couple of months, he’d been swamped. Feast or famine, she supposed. She just wished he were home more in the evenings. He’d apologized, but assured her it was for their future.
Instead of whining, she needed to be supportive, but dammit, she missed him. She pushed the sadness she’d been wallowing in this morning that threatened to come back to the surface where it belonged. It was a gorgeous day. She’d spent time with her closest friend and had some sweet new clothes and shoes.
“You should have called me, we could’ve hung out,” Sedesa commented before taking a sip of her water.
“I thought you had a date last night?”
Sedesa wrinkled her nose. “He didn’t make it to dessert.” She waved off any more on that subject. “People must have money to burn again, invest or whatever. That’s like what, the fourth time Travis has cancelled on dinner this month?”
Fifth, but she wasn’t counting or anything.
“He’s been really lucky. A lot of the other advisors are struggling, but Travis has a way with people. He’s really good at his job.” The waitress came and filled their glasses and took their order.
Symone tried not to think about how many dinners he’d missed lately. The weird tightening in her gut was getting annoying and she didn’t want to deal with it today. “So how many pairs of shoes does that make now?”
“Forty-two and counting,” Sedesa beamed.
Over lunch, Symone kept the conversation away from her and Travis and focused on Sedesa. Keeping her friend distracted was easy, all she had to do was ask about the men she’d dated, those that had caught her eye or the ones she planned to go out with in the future. If by chance that topic got slow, there were always shoes.
After paying for lunch, Sedesa suggested they check out a new boutique in Clover. Squeezing into the packed Neon, they headed toward Glitz & Glamour Boutique to check it out. 
Symone was staring out the window, watching the buildings pass in a blur of color and shape when Sedesa screeched. “Dammit!”
Jerking, she turned toward her friends whose face was bright red, her jaw tight. “Goddammit I hate construction. Are detours really necessary?”
A neon orange “Roads Closed” sign flashed its lights stated the obvious. “Wasn’t it you who has been complaining for the last few months that they needed to fix this stretch of road? You got your wish, what’s the problem?”
“The problem,” Sedesa huffed, tapping the steering wheel, “is the fucking detour. I hate detours. They never make them clear and I end up getting lost. Hold on,” she ordered and gunned the engine, whipping the wheel to the right and turning.
Symone slammed into the passenger door, her arms taking the brunt of it and pain radiating up to her neck. “Christ, Mario Andretti, slow down and warn me next time.” She rubbed the throbbing muscles. “No one gets lost in Wakulla so untwist your panties.”
“Sorry, detours are just a pain in the ass,” Sedesa apologized and eased off the gas pedal.
They had only made it a couple of blocks when Symone spotted a familiar vehicle parked, partially obscured from an overpass. “Hey, that’s Travis’s car. Pull over, he must have broken down.”
“Are you sure?”
“Yeah, it has the same broken taillight. Just turn there,” she pointed to a driveway to turn in to. “Pull around next to it.”
Sedesa eased the Neon up beside Travis’s car. Her eyes couldn’t believe what they were seeing but in her mind she wasn’t surprised.
Fate had intervened, sending them on such a detour. Instead of arriving at a cute little shop browsing through aisles of smelly soap and candles, she was sitting in her best friend’s car looking at her boyfriend’s exposed ass bob up and down between spread legs.
In that moment, something shifted deep within Symone. Growing up in a quiet suburb of Detroit, she’d had the fairytale childhood. Her parents had not only been devoted to their children, but to each other as well. There was the white picket fence, a soccer mom van in the driveway and ballet classes on Saturday morning. Symone had rarely broken a rule. Not against her parents, teachers or pastors. She tried to please everyone. In high school it was much the same, she kept her grades on the honor roll, did community service, participated in after school activities and sports. She was the all-around good girl.
Sitting there watching Travis’s ass as he pounded into some unseen woman, Symone felt numb. He was just another in a series of men who had taken advantage of her wholesome good nature. It was the same with her first high school boyfriend then her college sweetheart and now Travis.
While her goodie-two-shoes-ass sat home, crying her eyes out, the naughty women of the world were out having one hell of a good time with the men she was home waiting for. The bad girls didn’t wait for men to throw them a few scraps once in a while. They went out and made their own fun.
Sitting in the quiet car, the only sound was a low melody playing from the car stereo, Symone watched as Travis threw his head back, his face slack, his lips parted, and felt nothing. She continued to watch as he jerked with the aftershocks of his orgasm and for a moment, the world stopped when he opened his eyes and his gaze met hers. In that split second, it all became perfectly clear.
A sly smile curled her lips and she winked at the horror-stricken expression on Travis’s face, before turning to Sedesa. “Let’s go shopping. I saw a pair of stilettos that would be perfect to add to my collection.”

Coming November 7th. For more info click HERE

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