Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Sweet Surprise EOC NOW available at ARE

I thought Essence of Competition wouldn't be released until tomorrow but it looks like it's now available at ARE for purchase!!!  Now that's a cool kind of surprise.  Check it out!!!!!!!

With too many relationships ending in heartache under her belt, the new and improved Symone Adams is loud, proud and on the prowl. She has removed the heart she’s normally worn on her sleeve and tucked it safely behind lock and key. What she wants now is to explore the appeal of meaningless, mind-blowing sex. After six months of self-imposed celibacy hell, she heads to Menjo's and directly into the path of two very determined players.
Zandros and Marco are pros when it comes to seduction, yet each has grown bored with the conquests. When these two strangers set their sights on the same stunning beauty, the competition is on. Both embark on a full balls-to-the-wall effort to win, not only Symone's body, but her heart as well.

Read an Excerpt HERE

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